Sunday, April 7, 2013

Baked Sunday Mornings: Aunt Sassy Cake

Did anyone watch Lisa Kudrow’s post “Friends” show, “The Comeback?” I’m assuming not too many people did since it was on HBO and only lasted one season. It was definitely not a binge-watching type of comedy, as it is slightly uncomfortable to watch (I feel the same way about “Curb Your Enthusiasm” and “It’s always Sunny in Philadelphia”), but I thought it was pretty funny. Anyway, the premise is a reality show about Lisa Kudrow playing a D-List actress making a comeback on a new televisions series (show within show within show) and her character on that show is the constantly humiliated Aunt Sassy.  I thought of the show when I saw the name of this week’s Baked Sunday Mornings selection, Aunt Sassy Cake.

This lovely white cake is enriched with finely ground pistachios (plus a few chunks) in the batter and frosted with a honey vanilla buttercream. The recipe notes point out that this is not a simple throw-together cake, and I have to say, it did produce an impressive number of dirty dishes (I think any time you have to get the food processor out, the dishwashing time increases). We like big fluffy cakes, though, so it’s well worth it. I have made the “Baked” buttercream a number of times and for some reason, this particular batch was not too impressive in terms of texture. I am not exactly sure where I went wrong, but it was a bit gloppy. Chilling it did help and it tasted great.

Please stop by the Baked Sunday Mornings site to check out the recipe and to see how the rest of the group fared.

Oh, and I haven't posted for several weeks (so I guess this is my comeback) because I hadn't made the selected recipes, but I did make a couple of Baked treats in celebration of Josh's birthday.

I made him Monkey Bubble Bread, which is quite possibly his favorite Baked recipe of all time.

I didn't make him a cake until the following week since we celebrated with his family and his mom made him a chocolate cake, plus there was leftover cake from his office celebration, but when I did it was the Lemon Drop Cake from the first book.   I found a link to the recipe, which has not yet been made by the group.


Unknown said...

Bummer about the texture of the buttercream for the first cake because it sounds amazing!! That monkey bread is on my to-do list but I keep putting if off because I know I'm going to gain about 5 lbs the week I make it :)

Susan said...

I love your cake plate! We really enjoyed this cake, too.

I also plan to make that monkey bread someday!

Anonymous said...

The cake and the monkey bread look so good! I haven't made the monkey bread yet, but I need to now...