Tuesday, September 13, 2011

TWD: Classic Brownies

Over the past few years, I have amassed quite a collection of recipes from various blogs and cooking websites. Until recently, these recipes were in a big messy pile, with no semblance of organization. I finally sat down and organized them into three categories and put them in folders, which Josh labeled A, B, and C. Folder A contains recipes that I have made many times (or if they are recent additions, ones I want to make again ASAP) and we really like; Folder B contains recipes that I’ve made and would possibly try again; and Folder C is full of recipes I still need to try. As soon as Josh sampled this week’s Tuesdays With Dorie treat, Classic Brownies, he told me to “put it in the A Group.”

These brownies have a deep chocolate flavor and are nice and fudgy, without being gooey. I also loved that they were a truly one-bowl recipe - awesome! The recipe says that they are best eaten within the two days, and that has not been a problem. I made them on Sunday and they are almost gone. These brownies rated an 8 for Deliciousness and I gave them a 2 for Effort, for an EDR of 4. Many thanks to Anne of Anne Strawberry for selecting this yummy recipe. You can find the recipe here on her site and visit the TWD site to see how they turned out for the other bakers.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

TWD: Chocolate Spice Quickies

Happy Tuesday! This week the Tuesdays With Dorie Bakers made Chocolate Spice Quickies. I don’t think she made anything specifically called “quickies,” but the name of these cookies reminds me of something from my mom’s seventies-era cookbooks – there seemed to be a lot of goofily named recipes in them. I don’t know if I’ve ever made cookie dough in my food processor before, but Dorie is right: it is quick. This dough seemed a lot less crumbly and easier to form into logs (and subsequently slice) than other sable-esque recipes, which was quite nice.

When Josh saw the cookies lined up on the baking sheet, he commented that they looked like World Peace Cookies. They do resemble the sublime World Peace Cookies, but these are a much milder, softer chocolate cookie. They are still yummy, though. They do not have the crave-worthy quality that many cookies have, so I would probably not make them again. This batch certainly will not go to waste, though. This recipe received a 7 for Deliciousness and a 2.5 for Effort, for an EDR of 2.8. Jessica of My Baking Heart was our hostess this week and you can find the recipe here on her site.

Also? I just couldn’t get excited about last week’s TWD selection Cornmeal Fruit Loaf and didn’t make it until last Wednesday, due to my lack of enthusiasm. Funnily enough, I ended up loving it and couldn’t stop eating it! You can find the recipe for the Cornmeal Fruit Loaf here on Engineer Baker.