Sunday, February 22, 2009

Monster Cuisine: Eloise visits Burgan

Mr. Penpen grew up with dogs, but none of them were really food-obsessed, so he has been a bit taken aback by Ms. Ears’s antics. (Yes, that is a half-pound of brazenly stolen cheese in her mouth – it took several adults and a foot-long rawhide bone used as a lever to pry the cheese from her clamped jaws.) I was not as surprised: my family’s Boxer, Burgan, is as big a chowhound as Eloise, so it’s what I’ve come to expect from dogs. Both of them make up for their naughtiness around food by being incredibly sweet, lovable dogs. We went to visit my mom and Burgan today, and despite their hyperactivity Mr. Penpen actually managed to capture a few pictures of the perpetual-motion pets.

Though the “cousins” did keep us company while we ate lunch, and while there was some drooling, luckily there were no food-thievery hijinx today.


JoAnn Freda said...

They look so cute and sweet and innocent, who would believe they are a couple of shameless thieves? If Eloise could blog I bet she would rate that half pound of cheese a perfect 10, with 10 for deliciousness and 1 for effort (hers, not the 4 adults it took to pry it out of her mouth).

jen said...

Your dogs are beautiful and the stealing of the cheese picture makes me laugh so hard. I guess I recognize my own girls in yours, except Maizee wouldn't have had the cheese in her mouth long enough to get a picture.

Kimberly said...

Good grief those pups are cute. Oscar, our dachshund, cannot be trusted around any food ever. Once I left my plate on the coffee table and ran to the kitchen for all of 15 seconds and when I came back the luscious hamburger stuffed with sauteed mushrooms and gorgonzola cheese (hub's specialty, YUM) was trace. Another time I stupidly left a 14 ounce bag of coconut on the floor in the grocery bag and left for work...that evening we discovered the bag torn to shreds. Oscar pooped nothing but coconut for 2 days. Thankfully he short so its not hard to get food out of his reach; we just have to remember to do it.

Love those mischievous doggies!