Monday, June 6, 2011

Devil Dog

I think Eloise would be eager to tell you that the day before our wedding was the most boring day of her life – really, she’s dramatic like that – and she was being ignored. We both work, so we have a dog walker take her on an off-leash outing in the middle of the day and then after work we run her (and by “we run her” I mean Josh does, since she pulls me too much). Even though I was off work the few days leading up to the wedding, I had planned to have our dog walker come as usual, as I had a lot pre-wedding tasks to take care of. Unfortunately, our dog walker had a family emergency and was out of town that week. We managed to keep Eloise on her regular exercise schedule most of the week, but found ourselves a little short of time on Friday. Watch our dog go from mildly perturbed to absolutely incensed:

This is boring….pay attention to ME!!

Okay, good, someone’s petting me.

They’re both home, why am I not going for a walk!

Maybe if I push enough they’ll give in.

I’m going crazy!

She really does look kind of crazy there. I guess we learned what happens when she doesn't get enough exercise. It's a good thing we only get married once! And we did finally manage to take her on a run that day.


Unknown said...

Eloise is too cute! We don't have any pets (Shane is anti-pet, but I'm working on him...) so it's fun to live vicariously through others :)

Anonymous said...

She looks like she's waiting for something to happen! Too cute. Pets are so good at communicating even though they can't talk.

Gloria - The Ginger Snap Girl said...

She's a beautiful dog. I love her coloring. I'm sure she has already forgotten about any boring days.